Power Tap

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Light and Portable Massager

The OTO Power Tap is a one-of-a-kind hands-free tapping massager that can drum muscle aches away and transform various parts of your aching body to a state of comfort and well-being! Simply drape the OTO Power Tap across your shoulders, press a button and you’re all set for a soothing massage that will make your muscles feel alive and appreciated.

Power Foot

Unique Foot, Calf & Ankle Massager

OTO Power Foot is a unique massager specially designed to replicate the human touch to give you the most comprehensive and satisfying foot reflexology from your calves all the way to your ankles, toes and soles.

Big Foot

Give your feet a holiday!

OTO Big Foot BF-1000 is intelligent equipment that combines the essence of Foot Reflexology and traditional Chiropractic Therapy to invigorate tired muscles and stressed joints. Regular use of this meticulously developed machine helps to improve blood circulation, relieves foot fatigue, as well as problems triggered by ill-fitting or inappropriate footwear, among others.


Suffer from Bad Posture?

OTO e-Bliss is targeted at neck, shoulder as well as back pain and soreness caused by bad postures. With its unique functions, OTO e-Bliss delivers relief to soreness and tension at the neck, shoulder and back, providing maximum therapeutic relaxation and pleasure.


Lovable, portable and comfortable

The OTO e-Cuddle gently hugs the curves of your body and gives an invigorating massage, easing stiff muscles and rejuvenating the senses. It is armed with twin massage orbs on either side, which squeeze and release in dual directions to enhance blood flow.


Targeted relief with acupressure point massage

The OTO e-Solace head and eye massager is specially designed to stimulate acupressure points on the head and around the eyes. Targeting a total of 16 acupressure points, the head and eye massager helps to stimulate the body’s natural curative and healing ability through the release of tension.


The OTO SPINEX SPX-500 makes use of its powerful oscillating massage head to effectively relieve body aches as well as helping to break down fats accumulated in problem areas. The deep penetration effect of Spinex is able to warm and relax the muscles, detach the body fats from our fatty tissues while improving blood circulation.




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