Targeted relief with acupressure point massage

The OTO e-Solace head and eye massager is specially designed to stimulate acupressure points on the head and around the eyes. Targeting a total of 16 acupressure points, the head and eye massager helps to stimulate the body’s natural curative and healing ability through the release of tension.

Eye Relief

The eye massager of the OTO e-Solace uses varying strengths of air pressure to gently stimulate the sensitive eye area, enhancing blood flow and delivering the most soothing experience. Vibration therapy rejuvenates targeted reflex points.

Head Wellbeing

With micro-computer chip control technology, the OTO e-Solace delivers an intelligent massage session combining air pressure and vibration massage modes to the head only, or in combination with eye massage. With stimulation to the scalp and head area, blood and oxygen flow is improved, easing pressure, fatigue and improving your sense of wellbeing.

Music and Heat Therapy

Music and heat therapy complement the comprehensive massage for your head and eyes. Heat alleviates pain, soreness or stiffness, while music therapy relieves stress and engages your consciousness to bring you comfort and feelings of wellness.

Key Benefits

  • Enhances blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Revitalizes the sensitive eye area
  • Helps reduce eye strain and headaches
  • Improves concentration and enhances sleep
  • Reduces dark eye rings and puffiness

Key Features

  • Heat therapy
  • Vibration and air pressure massage
  • Soothing music
  • Targeted massage for 16 acupressure points to:
  • Strengthen concentration and mental awareness
  • Help to enhance eyesight and reduce tiredness
  • Relieve pain and improve mood
  • Easy usage with remote control



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