Feet are the foundation of the entire body and are extremely complex with structures composed of bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, blood vessels, nerves and skin. Being at the lowest point of our body and furthest away from our heart, the feet are subject to injuries and weaker blood circulation. Proper care and massage help to normalise the functions of the foot joints and muscles and may relieve pains and fatigue. Through the combination of effective massage on muscles and joints, OTO Big Foot BF-1000 is able to provide tender care to the feet.

OTO Big Foot BF-1000 is intelligent equipment that combines the essence of Foot Reflexology and traditional treatment to invigorate tired muscles and stressed joints. Regular use of this meticulously developed machine may help to improve blood circulation, relieves foot fatigue, as well as problems triggered by ill-fitting or inappropriate footwear, among others.

Unique Features

  • 5 types of specially-designed rollers offer 8 varieties of massage effects
  • Installed with 72 rollers mounted on 6 drums plus 8 pieces of grip cushions to offer a wrap-around massage
  • Choice of self-controlled massage speed or 2 invigorating automatic massage programmes
  • Washable and replaceable foot slot covers.

Product Specifications

Product Name : OTO Big Foot BF-1000
Power Source : 33 W
Voltage : 220 – 240V
Operational Speed : 20 – 45 rpm
Dimension : L51.5 X B31.0 X H37.5 CM
Box Dimension : L58.0 X B46.0 X H40.0 CM
Net Weight : 12.0 KG
Gross Weight : 15.0 KG


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