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    Please browse through our website to see the range of Fitness, Lifestyle and Relaxation products we can offer you.

  • Workplace Well-being and Health

    We offer tailored plans and solutions to assist with health and wellbeing of staff in your workplace.
  • Introducing the E-Physio.

    Help improve pain relief, boost energy levels, strengthen muscle recovery and enhance overall wellbeing.

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  • The Key to Relaxation

    WBV Healthcare offers a range of products which will sooth and help you relax.

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  • Introducing the OTO Cruncher.

    Enjoy weight loss and muscle toning easily through the revolutionary OTO Cruncher.

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Relaxation Products

Our range of Relaxation products may assist you with stress relief & reduce tension, improve blood circulation and lymphatic flow, relaxing your muscles and easing aches and pains.

Fitness Products

Our range of Fitness products may assist you with weight loss, tone your muscles & increase muscle strength, improve your co-ordination and stability, and improve vitality and general health.

Workplace Health & Wellbeing

WBV Healthcare can provide tailored plans and solutions and expert advice to assist with health and wellbeing of staff in your workplace.
When you purchase from WBV Healthcare you are guaranteed you are dealing with a company specialising in the sale of quality equipment at realistic prices backed up by the personal approach giving service and support at all times.


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WBV Healthcare Australia
is a wholly owned West Australian company focussed on service and support resource provision of quality lifestyle, health, and fitness equipment.

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Our range of Relaxation products may help with stress relief & tension, improve blood circulation & lymphatic flow, relax muscles and ease aches & pains.
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Relaxation Products

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Just 10 mins per day on the
WBV-3000 will help you tone up, increase muscle strength, improve the appearance of cellulite, enhance mobility & stability, and relieve tension. Call for a free trial!

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