Use the WBV-3000 for just 10 minutes per day to tone your whole body!

The WBV-3000 movement dynamics focus on achieving non-invasive low impact exercise. The oscillating side to side movement of the vibrating platform is delivered by an electric motor integrated within the device base. This produces an even, low impact movement which alternates the rise and fall of each side of the platform, producing a gentle tilting movement on each side of the body all the way up to the hips.

This type of movement technology minimizes the change of harmful impact injuries to joints and provides user comfort at the same time as exercises.

WBV (Whole Body Vibration) is an effective way to avoid injuries prior to other forms of exercise, they can be used as an effective pre-workout & post-workout exercise. WBV is particularly effective in preparing the body for activities or sport.

Tone up, increase muscle strength, enhance mobility and stability, improve the appearance of cellulite and help relieve tension with one exercise machine – indoors, in comfort, in ten minutes, no sweat.

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CertificationThe WBV 3000 has been approved as a Class IIa Medical Device and entered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, registration number ARTG 212167. The WBV 3000 has also been certified by MEDCERT as complying with international standards for quality management and safety.

Key Benefits

  • increasing muscle relaxation
  • flexibility and range of motion in your muscles and joints
  • increased muscle strength by recruiting & activating more motor units
  • increased motivation and desire to exercise(especially since you only need a 10 minute workout per day)
  • no sweat required!
  • improved coordination and stability
  • liberating, revitalising and cost effective
  • helps maintain vitality and general health.

Key Features

  • Oscillating and tilting pivotal platform motion providing the best form of vibration comfort and results
  • 3 Program Settings, plus manual override
  • 30 speed settings in an easy to navigate Digital Display
  • Dual independent controls for maximum user comfort and convenience (top and bottom of machine)
  • Our non-slip Platform size is 75cms x 41cms! Up to 32% more space to stand than competitor machines! Designed for maximum comfort and unrestricted movement
  • A superior 13mm amplitude (compare to 4mm-10mm on competitor machines). Amplitude means how high the platform vibrates/oscillates depending on the position of the feet. Increased amplitude means increased metabolic power and muscle activity. You’ll get the results you want faster than competitor machines!
  • FREE additional calf supports for a most luxurious and relaxing leg and lower body massage
  • No risk of trapped fingers or toes (our moving plate is not exposed like most other brands)
  • Inbuilt 10 minute Automatic Timer
  • Free DVD and Manual supplied with each machine and unrestricted free advice from our highly trained Agents
  • Our grip handle is behind the machine which gives unrestricted movement. (Compare to most competitors whose side or front handles severely restrict movement)
  • Rear wheels which allow the machine to be easily moved
  • Floor Height Adjustors ensuring perfect balance of the machine
  • Single high quality motor ensuring optimum synchronization. Very important for proper neuro-muscular coordination! (Most Competitor machines use 2 inferior quality motors which do not work in synchronization with the vibration plate)

Additional Information

Visit our WBV-3000 website for futher details:

Product Specifications

Product Name : Whole Body Vibration
Model Number : WBV-3000
Type of Product : Fitness & Therapeutic equipment
Voltage : 220 – 240V
Power : 200W
Setup Dimensions : L58.4 X B52.9 X H139.5 cm
Max Weight Capacity : 150 kgs
Weight (Net): 44.5 kgs
Auto Timer : 10 mins
Amplitude : 13mm (Highest Point to Lowest Point)



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