The OTO Eye Delight ED-188 is a massager designed to provide a luxurious experience for your eyes. It is a favorite among those who use the computer over long hours, such as students and office workers, long distance travelers, frequent fliers and night shift workers, who are prone to dry eyes and fatigue. As a beauty complement, the OTO Eye Delight can be used after eye cream is applied to massage it more thoroughly into the eye area, treating dark circles, dullness, wrinkles or sagging skin.

Unique massage modes with gentle air pressure

Air pressure massage gently stimulates the area around eyes to relax your muscles. Four different massage modes are designed, each providing a unique invigorating experience.

Soothing heat

The OTO Eye Delight provides heat therapy that not only enhances blood circulation but also delivers the most delicious soothing sensations.


Vibration massage helps to rejuvenate the reflex points around your eyes, stimulating the secretion of natural oils and revitalizing your general sense of wellbeing.

Music therapy

Your massage session can be accompanied with relaxing background sounds to enhance the calming benefits of the OTO Eye Delight. Choose from comforting music or the sounds of nature, such as flowing water, crashing waves, chirping crickets, and others.

Key Benefits

  • Energizes the eyes
  • Alleviates puffy eyes, dry eyes and eye fatigue
  • Improves blood circulation to tackle eye strain and headaches
  • Relax your senses through air pressure massage and music therapy

Key Features

  • 4 air pressure massage modes
  • 2 soothing heat levels
  • Multiple vibration methods
  • Combination therapy with heat, air and vibration massage



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